1. Hljómsveitt, ‘Kynþokkafull’

    Just some standard Icelandic-lady-gender-norm-rap about body hair. Or maybe swimming. It’s just so pleasant. 

  2. Fall fashion inspiration.

  3. #soclose

  4. Forget all (most of) the terrible things I’ve said about face tatts. Filmmaker Alethea Arnaquq-Baril is beyond boss. (Unikkaat Studios)

  6. There, that’s better! 

    (Pic from Jezebel commenter Callie Beusman)

  7. OMD, ‘The Dead Girls’



  8. On Perfume

    A good 90 percent of department store fragrances smell like an old lady eating an orange in a funeral parlour.

  9. Name the problem!

  10. Best. Ad placement. Ever.

    From Rebecca Solnit’s excellent piece ‘Easy Chair: Cassandra Among the Creeps’ in the October issue of Harper’s magazine.

  11. Where the white women at?

  14. Why isn’t there more stuff about LogoWriter on the internet? I am trying to take a trip down memory effing lane and the nerds are letting me down.

  15. Hey look, it’s 99 percent of internet debates.