1. Can people please send more stories to XOJane for their It Happened To Me section? I think they are out of ideas.

  2. En Inde Roots collection (En Inde)

  3. Sam Jones Powersuit Tee (Clashist)


  4. "

    Buzzword, buzzword, buzzword. Isn’t the buzzword on your mind now? Perhaps it is on other people’s minds? Read on or you’ll be clueless, dated, and without any friends in the world. Buzzword again!

    First, statistic plucked from academic journal where the writer didn’t pay to pass the paywall. Also, a biased survey from a company with countless vested interests. It’s official: the above trend is slightly more common than you thought.

    — Rosemary Counter, ‘Trend Piece’ (The New Yorker)
  5. Hamish Robertson, ‘Calcite No. 3’ (Vacation Days)

  6. Denim on denim on denim on denim on denim. (via tomboybklyn)

  7. News you can use.

  8. No. Is this real? No.

  9. No judgment. Just stars.

  10. Please share. This is terrible.

  11. This story about a teenage girl being punished with a ‘shame suit’ for violating the dress code is pretty terrible but also is someone making that exact tee and where could someone maybe buy it if they wanted, for a friend, preferable with backwards writing? (Think Progress)


  12. "Putting down your phone doesn’t equal putting real work into empathy, just as not actively pursuing sex doesn’t equal granting women the status of complete human beings in your mind. Fetishizing “presence” by telling everyone to stop staring at their phones perpetuates the myth that simply being around other people automatically means you’re attuned or empathetic to them. As if it’s impossible to have a real, face-to-face conversation with someone and still fail to take in a single word they’re saying. As if it’s impossible to spend hours staring at Facebook and still be a good friend to your real friends later."
    — Emma Healy, ‘Disrupters, Disconnectionists, and Dicks’ (The Hairpin)
  13. Geoffrey Sonnabend, Obliscence: Theories of Forgetting and the Problem of Matter (Museum of Jurassic Technology)

    No memory, ‘only experience and its decay.’

  14. via fucknomontreal:

    This Halloween’s hottest costume: Men’s Rights Activist!

    If I don’t see at least one lady out there dressed as a Sexy Men’s Rights Activist I will scream so loud the whole country will hear.

  15. Old. So old.