1. Hackers does not get the credit it deserves for predicting Google Glass and Oculus Rift or a third wave of pleather pants and rollerblades.


  2. "In Enzensberger’s view, tourism, which is “always outrun by its refutation,” necessarily leaves the hopes of the tourist unfulfilled. So the tourist is bound to reject tourism and that rejection becomes the principal motor that drives the tourist industry as it colonises new regions and activities."
    — Marcus Verhagen, Keynote Speech: On Artists and Other Tourists (Fogo Island Arts)
  4. (via cami-racing)

    Corey Haim - Me, Myself and I (1989)

  5. Simplify your style with help from Paris Vogue.


  6. "But sometime in the late ’80s, fashion discovered semiotics. Clothes suddenly acquired meaning (think of the efforts to “decode” a Helmut Lang show or almost any by Martin Margiela). You truly needed to be an expert to appreciate why a jacket was worn inside out or why a dress that made you look like a bag lady was cool."
    — Cathy Horyn, ‘Sign of the Times’ (T magazine)
  7. Ukrainianian designer Dzhus (Not Just a Label)

  8. Lena NW, Fuck Everything: The Game (Universal Hacktress)

    Go play it now! Pick up chicks! Find love! Get castrated!


  10. Gray Malin, Ocean Beach, USA, wallpaper, “À la plage, à la piscine” (Gray Malin)

  11. It’s great to be out of the loop because, when you finally discover something, you get to sift through it for hours and hours while you also confirm that, yes, you got street-style-snapped for a real, nice thing and not the Korean equivalent of a Vice Don’t. (Cracker Your Wardrobe)

  12. Found art/carved fruit/edible merch

    (Source: fucknomontreal)


  13. The New Storytelling

    Hosting an event where people just describe their favourite GIFs to the audience.

  14. This, to everything, forever.

  15. Alexander Wang keychain/pill case