1. The pilot for Toddlers & Tiaras aired in 2008, meaning there are pageant contestants from that first season who are now 18-years-old and can legally appear on Millionaire Matchmaker.

    Just as God intended.

  2. Les Guzman shooting Geoffrey Beene (Glitterati)


  4. This baby needs to check its ‘can’t read or write or understand basic concepts of respect and culture without burping up milk’-privilege (Etsy)


  5. "The longer I stayed with him the worse he made me feel and the better he made me feel because at least, someone was telling me a truth about myself I already knew."
    — Roxane Gay, ‘We Lie the Most to Ourselves’ (Roxane Gay tumblr)
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  7. 'The Hamburger Sweater,' Icelandic textile artist Yrurari (yrurari)

  8. Your new summer tee. (via moderngirlblitz)

  9. When we said we wanted more women in Science this is not what we meant.”

    Prosanta Chakrabarty (A Guide to Academia)

  10. Still thinking of wearing that generic Native American war bonnet to a music festival, or putting it on a half-naked model in that unpaid, clichéd fashion shoot? Try one of these other pieces of beautiful headgear, instead! Swedish, Brazilian, Hungarian, Queen Amidala… You may end up offending people, anyway, but it’d be nice to give Native American and First Nations activists a little break, however brief, from taking time out of their lives to explain the ins and outs of cultural appropriation like it’s their job.

  11. If Nova Chiu isn’t the patron saint of fancy femme-inism/candy rave revival then who the heck is?


  12. "At its heart it’s the sneaking suspicion, however rare or faint, that women aren’t quite human. You close your eyes or leave the room and can only imagine the men living on, inventing things, starting wars and conversations. It runs so deep that even women suspect it, at times. They turn against these not-quite-humans, afraid that if they get too close they’ll disappear, too. They look in the mirror and wonder: Am I the only living woman in the world?"
  14. I still find it amusing that no one can spell Seth Rogen’s name correctly. 

  15. Dioramas made by artist Rokudenashiko using a mould of her own genitals. She was arrested for breaking Japan’s obscenity laws after crowdfunding a project to create a pussy-shaped boat using a 3D printer and then emailing a ‘digital template’ (not even a picture) of her genitals to supporters. (The Guardian)